Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi: A Harmony of Body and Mind

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi is an ancient art deeply rooted in the principles of traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine. Through the graceful execution of slow movements, including static form, long form, and walking techniques, practitioners can unlock the potential to enhance their immune system and deepen their sensitivity.

This practice leads to reduced stress, improved sleep, and strengthened internal organs. The benefits of Tai Chi extend beyond physical health, fostering a sense of calmness and heightened concentration that positively impacts daily life. Whether in the workplace or during study periods, the practice of Tai Chi cultivates a balanced and focused mind, promoting overall well-being.

Explore Tai Chi with Bo YANG: Tradition Meets Modernity

Meet Bo YANG: The Tai Chi Legacy

Hello everyone, I am Bo YANG, a dedicated teacher and practitioner of Yang-style Tai Chi, and the esteemed 8th generation successor from China since 2009. My journey in Tai Chi has been deeply rooted in its traditional Chinese origins, enriching my teachings with authentic insights and techniques.

Global Teaching Experience: From Paris to the World

My extensive experience in Paris, teaching students of diverse ages and backgrounds, has not only honed my teaching skills but also enhanced my ability to connect with a global audience. After the successful launch of my French Tai Chi online course in 2021, I am now eager to extend my reach to the English-speaking world

Expanding to English: Accessible and Effective Tai Chi Courses

I aim to offer dynamic and scientifically effective English Tai Chi courses, making the profound art accessible to a global audience and helping them discover its physical and mental benefits. My courses are tailored for everyone, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts, guiding them through the essence and intricacies of Tai Chi.

Join the Journey of Strength and Grace

Join me in exploring the strength and grace of Tai Chi. I look forward to welcoming you to my English Tai Chi online class, where we will delve into the rich legacy of this ancient martial art together.

Classic Courses for beginners

Start your Tai Chi journey with 50 lessons over 3 modules, designed to build a solid foundation and enable you to practice independently.

Complete Courses

Embark on a comprehensive journey with 100 lessons over 4 modules, covering everything from Tai Chi fundamentals to advanced Yang-style techniques, for a full spectrum mastery.